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The Main structure of the series H right angle gearbox
发布时间:2022/7/16 21:55:01

The Main structure  of the series H right angle gearbox 

1 As the vertical shaft of gearbox is hollow, the strength and rigidity of the  

shaft are raised, and the drive shaft of the working machine can be infixed in the  hollow shaft to be mounted. The type 7000/DT duplex angular contact ball  bearings are installed on the upper end of the vertical shaft, and they can bear  larger downthrust only. The deep groove ball bearing is installed on the down end  of the shaft,and it is a free end to bear a radial force only. The non-reverse  coupling is also installed on the upper end of the shaft.   

2 The spherical roller bearing is installed on the left end of the horizontal  shaft, and it can bear a larger radial force and has certain self-aligning function.  The left end bearing is a free end not to bear any axial force. The deep groove ball  bearing is installed on the right end of the shaft, and it can bear an axial force  which results from the gearing towards left or right besides a radial force.   

3 The upper bearings of the vertical shaft are installed in an upper cover.  

The horizontal shaft and bearings are installed in a bearing block. Moving the  upper cover and the bearing block you straight can adjust backlash and contact  pattern of gear pair. There are paper pads between the upper cover or bearing block  and a box body, and they act as sealing and adjusting.   

4 The gear pair, bearings of horizontal shaft and upper bearings of vertical  shaft adopt spraying oil for lubrication. The pressure oil are given by a pump puller  of vertical shaft down end, and are carried to all oil site throught multipath pipeline.  Besides the gears are lubricated by spraying oil of one pipeline, outflow lubricating  oil from a distribution oil slot of the upper cover lubricate the upper bearings at  one time lubricate the gears.   

5 The gearboxes of type H60 and up externally mounted a cooler. After  pressure oil cooled in the oil cooler, still flow into all spraying oil pipeline. Clean  pressure water is connected to the oil cooler, and after flows through heat exchange  pipes cooled for gear oil and the heat water issues from a return line.