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Instructions for Use of RV-SP Vertical Leachate Slurry Pump
发布时间:2022/7/16 22:10:25

Instructions for Use of RV-SP Vertical Leachate Slurry Pump

1. The power supply of this pump must be three-phase four-wire system. If there is no grounding wire, it must be installed to prevent leakage of electricity. work

When the impeller is stuck, a circuit fuse and switch corresponding to the motor should be installed nearby to prevent the motor from burning when the impeller debris is stuck.

2. When the pump is used, it can run without installing any basic device, as long as it leans firmly, if necessary.

Fasten the rope in case of accidents. After starting, the direction of rotation of the motor must be checked. The motor must not be reversed for more than - minutes.

3. When the liquid being sucked contains more weeds, wires, bars, bricks and other impurities, it must be done beforehand.

As far as possible to remove, and can take the addition of wire basket and other methods to prevent impurities suction pump impeller damage, blockage and other accidents.

4. Pump body should be given short-term water absorption after absorbing concentrated slurry and other contaminants, so as to flush pump body and pipeline interior.

5. When working in the open air, the motor should be equipped with a protective cover to prevent rain and other immersion into the motor.

6. At the bottom of the river, suction at the bottom of the pond should be suspended on a tripod and placed on a buoy or boat for mobile operation.

In earthwork operations, the diameter of soil fragmented by high-pressure water gun shall not be greater than one third of the suction inlet.

7. The speed prescribed by this pump is the highest speed of the pump, and can not be arbitrarily increased; the use of reducing the speed is unlimited, but the work is limited.

The effect was significantly reduced.

8. When the pump sucks thick mud, thick liquid or high lift and conveys coal slurry over a long distance, its load decreases, but it does not.

The load can be increased by changing the structure.

9. Generally running for about 1250 hours, regular maintenance of the pump, removal of the pump seat to check the bearings, and pumps

Seal condition, clean and replace butter, replace oil seal, sleeve and other parts when necessary. Notes for maintenance and replacement of parts can be found in installation. (The mechanical seal pump is used to rotate about 3500 hours for regular maintenance).

10. When used for a long time, the volute shall be dismantled, the parts wiped and coated on the relative moving joint surface.

Thin oil, stored in a dry place for later use.