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Troubleshooting of RV-SP Vertical Leachate Slurry Pump
发布时间:2022/7/16 22:12:56

Troubleshooting of RV-SP Vertical Leachate Slurry Pump





Unable to start and run

1. The feeder is open.

2. The voltage is too low.

3. There is no axial clearance between the two half couplings and they are stuck.

4. The impeller is stuck by debris.

5. The impeller is close to the volute.

6. Dropping of nuts and damage of flat keys make impeller slippery.

7. The flat key of the coupling is damaged.

1. Check fuses and wiring and replace them.

2. Turn up the voltage or use it when the voltage rises.

3. Adjust the axial clearance between the two half couplings to 1-1.5 mm.

4. Exclude impurities.

5. Re-assembling, separating impeller and volute.

6. Install flat keys and nuts.

7. Change flat keys.


1. Improper assembly of each part of the pump makes it difficult to rotate and foreign body is stuck.

2. Concentric bottom change, bearing damage, shaft deformation.

3. Reverse rotation.

4. The head is too low and the flow is too large.

1. Re-assembly and removal of foreign bodies.

2. Correct parts and replace bearings.

3. Change the direction of the motor.

4. Avoid prolonged use as far as possible.

Insufficient flow

1. The suction port is blocked and the pit is not deep enough for the pump to suck the medium.

2. The mud pipeline is blocked.

3. Motor speed is lower than rated speed.

4. Impeller damaged.

5. The lift is too high and the transportation is too far.

6. Reverse rotation.

7. Large leakage.

8. The impeller is surrounded by debris.

9. The medium is too thick or the supply is not enough.

1. Remove the suction obstruction and move the pump so that the volute is completely embedded in the medium water.

2. Check the pipeline and remove the obstruction.

3. Increase the motor speed.

4. Change impeller.

5. Reduce lift and shorten conveying distance.

6. Change the direction of the motor.

7. Check the cause of leakage and replace the parts that cause leakage.

8. Exclude impurities.

9. Dilute the medium and increase the supply.

Noise and vibration

1. Friction between impeller and volute.

2. The bearing has been damaged or less oil.

3. The pump shaft is not concentric with the motor, and the shaft is bent.

4. The nut is loose.

5. There are impurities in the volute.

6. There are hard substances in the working fluid.

7. There is air infiltration in the suction.

8. The temperature of pumping liquid is too high.

1. Check the assembly of the pump and adjust it.

2. Replacement of bearings or refueling.

3. Adjust concentricity and correct axis.

4. Tighten the nut.

5. Exclude impurities.

6. Control the size of impurities in the intake pump and encrypt the filter.

7. Deep-buried volute.

8. Reduce the liquid temperature.