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Maintenance and Maintenance of Multi-sucker Corrosion Resistant Subaqueous Sewage Pump
发布时间:2022/7/16 22:25:18

Maintenance and Maintenance of Multi-sucker Corrosion Resistant Subaqueous Sewage Pump

PWDL series multi-sucker corrosion-resistant submerged sewage pump products are reliable and have excellent performance. Each pump has been carefully tested before leaving the factory. However, in order to ensure the service life of the pump, regular inspection and maintenance are recommended.

1. Maintenance of multi-sucker corrosion-resistant submerged sewage pump

Correct maintenance operation can make full use of pump operation under optimal conditions. It is of great significance to improve the service life of pumps and avoid accidents. Regular and careful inspection and maintenance is one of the most important means to avoid overuse and accident.

1.1 Days Regular Maintenance and Inspection Items

1.1.1 pump shuts down, the pressure gauge cock should be closed.

1.1.2 Check whether the pump is leaking or not. If there is leakage, it should be repaired immediately.

1.1.3 Check all kinds of instruments, etc.

1.1.4 Periodically measure the vibration value and pay attention to the increase of noise.

1.1.5 Keep the unit clean and keep running records.

1.2 Check items once a month

1.2.1 Measurement of vibration and noise.

1.2.2 Check the elastic coupling regularly.

1.2.3 For long-term unused pumps, if conditions permit, start a run-in operation for not less than 5 minutes. Manual turning can be used unconditionally.

1.3 Inspection items per year

1.3.1 Check the wear of the rotating part.

1.3.2 Check the clearance between impeller and seal ring.

1.3.3 Check the cavitation, corrosion and erosion of impeller and its runner parts.

1.3.4 Check the wear of bearing and skeleton oil seal.

2. Maintenance of multi-sucker corrosion-resistant submerged sewage pump

Pumps should be disassembled and repaired when necessary (vibration, noise, bearing temperature exceeding the allowable value, flow rate, head significantly decreased, etc.). For continuous operation of pumps, regular inspection should be carried out every year.

2.1 During the maintenance work, record the maintenance experience in detail for reference in the next maintenance.

2.2 Prepare spare parts in advance. When purchasing, the name, material and quantity of spare parts should be stated. At the same time, the pump model, name, date of delivery and number of delivery should also be specified.

2.3 Remove the pump in conjunction with the structure diagram. After disassembly, the rust spots on the parts should be removed and then re-painted.

2.4 Check the clearance between impeller and seal ring. Reference replacement criteria are shown in the table below.

Nominal diameter(mm)







Maximum allowable diameter clearance(mm)







2.5 Check the wear condition of the sleeve, generally grinding out grooves, diameter wear 1-2 mm should be replaced.

2.6 Check the wear condition of impeller, bearing and skeleton seal.

2.7 Replace seals (e.g. O-rings, paper pads, etc.).

2.8 Assemble the pump as shown in the structural drawing. After assembly, the rotor should be able to rotate flexibly without sticking.

3. Notices for multi-sucker corrosion-resistant submerged sewage pump

The equipment safety regulations and management regulations must be complied with from beginning to end during maintenance. Before starting any maintenance operation, the water pump must be isolated according to the following steps.

3.1 Cut off the power supply of the motor and all the instruments.

3.2 Close the outlet gate valve.