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vertical cooling water pump

vertical cooling water pump

LC vertical cooling water pump are "engineered to order" large flow vertical pumps for industrial pumping needs and sump design, with semi-open or closed cast impellers available in sizes starting from 650 mm (26") impeller diameter and nq 75 (Ns 3'870). They are mainly designed as cooling water pumps for thermal power and combined-cycle power applications but can also be used in water or other industries.

Main benefits
  • High pump efficiency

  • Modern fabricated suction bell and bowl casing incorporating swirl break for stable pump performance curve

  • Semi-open or closed cast impeller design for best fit and optimum efficiency

  • Segmented elbow to optimize pump efficiency

  • Optional full pull-out construction to reduce lifting crane capacity and ease maintenance

Main applications

LC vertical cooling water pump is specifically designed as circulating water pump for the following fields:

  • Cooling water pump in utility thermal, nuclear, gas-fired combined-cycle power plants and industrial power stations

  • Water supply

  • Irrigation

  • Flood control and drainage

  • General water service

  • Cooling water pump for refining and seawater intake pump for open rack vaporizers in LNG regasification terminals

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1. Modern fabricated suction bell and bowl casing
  • Incorporating flow straightener for stable pump performance curve

  • Tailor-made bowl diameter to optimize pump selection and efficiency

2. Modern semi-open or enclosed cast impeller design

Best hydraulic fitting and optimum efficiency. Fabricated impeller construction optional 

3. Individually sized pump shaft 
  • Sized for maximum torque. Shaft protection sleeves included as standard

  • Line shaft connected by split ring, key and sleeve couplings to ease maintenanc 

4. Fabricated column assembly and discharge head 
  • Column assemblies have integral spider to improve stiffness

  • Segmented elbow to optimize the pump efficiency

  • Above- or below-ground discharge to fit the site requirements


5. Product lubricated radial bearings 
  • Cutless rubber (phenolic backed) bearing bushings as standard in bowl/lineshaft, other material options are also available

  • Two bearings bushings included in the bowl for increased rotor stability

6. Packing shaft seal 

Reliable sealing and simple maintenance

7. Thrust bearing 

Thrust bearing can be provided either in the pump or within the motor

8. Optional full pull-out construction
  • Reduces the crane lifting capacity required

  • Significantly improves the maintenance turnaround time