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Vertical PWDDFL Multi-suction Sewage Sump Pump

PWDDFL Multi-suction Sewage Sump Pump


Vertical  PWDDFL type multi-suction sewage pump is mainly used in power plants, steel mills, coal plants, mines, chemical, pharmaceutical, municipal engineering, construction, hospitals, hotels, sea water pumping, rural biogas digester, farmland irrigation and other industries. It is used for conveying solid particles, long fiber silt, wastewater, urban sewage or rainwater, water.

 Vertical PWDDFL Multi-suction Sewage Sump Pump

Design Feature:

PWDDFL multi-suction sewage pump’s impeller adopts single/double runner, double and multi-blades, efficient and non-clogging hydraulic design.

It presents very good performance with the feature of compact structure, small footprint, stable operation, small vibration, high reliability, easy installation and operation. It can achieve automatic control function together with our electric control cabinet.



Capacity:  from 8 m³/h to 150 m³/h

Head: from 6 to 36 m


Standard materials:

Cast iron, Carbon Steel,

Stainless steel: 2Cr13, 304, 316


Super Duplex: 2507, 904L

Other materials could also be available.